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Aug. 25th, 2015 09:32 am
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Aug. 26th, 2015 08:23 pm
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Roidmude 000: Mashin Chaser
Kamen Rider Proto-Drive/Chaser
Genderless robot with human male form
Bisexual, Biromantic, Polyamorous
Canon or AU

Chase, aka Mashin Chaser, aka Proto-Zero, aka Kamen Rider Proto-Drive. He has many names, but one thing he's been lacking for a long time are his memories. Chase is a cybernetic lifeform who was created to protect humans from Roidmudes, but when the Roidmudes realised they were being fought against by one of their own they disabled him temporarily in order to wipe his memories and allow him to join their ranks with a clean slate. From then on Proto-Zero was known only as Mashin Chaser, or Chase for short, and served to reset wayward Roidmudes who were interfering with the larger cause - eradicating humanity in order for Roidmudes to thrive as the dominant life-force.

Problems began for the Roidmudes when Chase came into contact with a human he saved during his time as Proto-Drive: Shijima Kiriko. His memories began to try and break through, until the truth had to be revealed to him. Kiriko believed so strongly in Chase's desire to protect humans (even when he was working alongside the Roidmudes he never injured a human) that it sent Chase's thoughts and emotions into conflict, leaving him to come to terms with these new feelings and what they would mean for his future.

Ships: DEFINITELY: Heart (Kamen Rider Drive), Shijima Kiriko (Kamen Rider Drive) POSSIBLY: Tomari Shinnosuke (Kamen Rider Drive), Brain (Kamen Rider Drive), Medic (Kamen Rider Drive), Sawagami Rinna and Otta Genpachi (Kamen Rider Drive)


Name: Em
Age: 28
Pronouns: She/her
Timezone: GMT
Posting frequency: All or nothing with me at the moment, I'm afraid! I work four days a week (Mon/Tues/Fri/Sat usually) but they're long shifts so I'm basically not available those days. Either sometime during or after October that should change to either no hours at all, or just one or two (much shorter) days a week; in negotiation over that XD
OOC Contact: imightfly [AIM] or PM!
Preferences: Backtagging is absolutely fine, for threadhopping just ask, fourthwalling is a no thanks. No preference between prose or bracketed tags, or length! Can play around between short and long tags depending on how fast the action needs to move at that moment (I am a sucker for writing masses of introspection though, be warned!). Writing smut is fine. I love very, very many kinks and will throw together a comprehensive list sometime. Character death no thanks. Non/dub-con, no thanks. (Consensual roleplay of dub- or non-con is fine). Just ask about anything, seriously! I'M FRIENDLY :D
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[For [personal profile] drivesshotgun ]


There are potentially an unlimited number of places that Chase could go when not engaged with his duties as Kamen Rider; some people would interpret that to mean he has nowhere in particular to go at all. That doesn't bother him. He simply takes Ride Chaser and parks in an acceptable spot (no tickets for him!), and waits until he is needed again. He takes great pride in his duties, and he isn't being idle if he's constantly alert and anticipating the next battle.

Sometimes he's too engaged in focus to notice the little things around him, like the rain. Even once Chase notices the rain starting to fall it doesn't deter him; it isn't hindering him.

He forgets that eventually his human body will react to the stimulus, even if his inner Roidmude body will not. The chill and the dampness permate his clothing; his skin prickles, he starts to shiver.

Chase huddles closer to himself, wrapping his arms around his body and lowering his head. It's uncomfortable, but it's not impossible to handle. The only indoor place he could return to would be the Pit and he would bring mess and wet with him now. He can't cause trouble for others. He isn't even as badly injured as last time he was stranded in the rain; just a little bumped and bruised from battle. That's normal.
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(Comment with as many picture prompts as you like and I'll whip together a smutty thread starter!)

[Go here for kink ideas/Chase's preferences]
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- High School/College AU (The only robot in school? Chase needs to learn about life and what better place to start than an education institution!)
- Coffee Shop AU (As a robot, or even as a human, I can just imagine Chase has never tasted coffee in his life even though he works in the shop, and is infinitely confused by coffee consumption. Maybe someone can change his mind?)
- High Fantasy AU (Magiiiiiiic, yes. Happy to leave this one open-ended and not suggest anything, figure out something unique between us!)
- Bodyguard AU (Stoic, dedicated, loyal - Chase would make the perfect bodyguard. Being guarded is also a viable option, though he might be confused as to why he is being guarded when he's very capable of protecting himself and others!)
- Catboy AU (Chase would be adorable with kitty ears, the end)
- Maid/Butler AU (Chase would wear either uniform because he doesn't identity with a gender or the idea of clothing being gendered either! He's a very good boy, he'd be very good at serving 8D)
- Soulmates AU (A distinguishing mark or change to the world when you meet your soulmate. Chase's number/memory issues could be used to effect here)
- Pacific Rim AU (Convince me why your character would be drift compatible with Chase and we're good. Unless they have a different relationship within that universe!)
- Vampire AU
- Werewolf or A/B/O AU
- Rock Band/Music Idol AU
- Steampunk AU
- Hooker AU (Chase is absolutely unashamed about sex, he would easily be able to become a sex worker and provide that service)
- Angel/Demon AU (Chase is a literal angel, but I'm happy to give him wings too to prove it :D)
- Fairy Tale AU
- Minigami AU (Chase is shrunk to a few inches tall, adorable tiny shenanigans ensue)


Aug. 27th, 2015 12:26 pm
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- First Time (Chase as a virgin, his partner as a virgin, both of them virgins, or just their first time together! All are valid for this option)
- Bondage (From a makeshift restraint made from a nearby scarf/tie/etc., to play handcuffs, to a more complex set up of ropes, or leather and chain cuffs! Chase will play with them all)
- Dominance/Submission (Chase is obedient by nature so he's far more likely to be the submissive party - that doesn't mean he can't be the penetrative partner during penetrative sex, though!)
- Rough (Play wrestling, biting, scratching, desperate fucking - any and all can be covered here, and all are good so long as Chase's partner is also consenting and enjoying)
- Possessive (Following on from above, any kind of possessive marking/scenting/confining would also be fine, Chase is not possessive at all so he'd be happily on the receiving end of such things)
- Roleplay (Probably anything you can think of, Chase would do as soon as he understood the dynamic involved. Student/Teacher, animal play, Doctor or Nurse/Patient, Master/Servant, Pirates, Law Enforcement, any number of Historical settings - I could go on!)
- Negotiation (Setting up a scene can be just as fun as the scene itself! Chase likes and needs clear directions and boundaries so that he can follow the rules, negotiation is something he really needs and would engage in enthusiastically!)
- Worship/Sensual Massage (Chase is absolutely brilliant at these, let him worship you and devote himself to getting you relaxed and then aroused)
- Aphrodisiacs (We'd need some explanation for how they affected Chase, or else he's just helping out someone else under the influence in the best way he possibly can - with sex!)
- Non-Penetrative (Handjobs, frottage, intercrural/interfemoral. All wonderful and Chase would very much enjoy them all without any need for penetration to be involved)
- Penetrative Sex Toys (Chase very much enjoys butt plugs and dildos, go for it)
- Non-Penetrative Sex Toys (Even more options! Nipple clamps, vibrators, chastity belts, collars?)
- Impact Play (Spanking, paddling, caning, flogging, whipping, it's all good! HAVE YOU SEEN THAT BUTT?)
- Orgasm Denial/Control (Did I mention Chase is obedient and well-behaved? He'll wait as long as you like, though it probably isn't too much of a torture for him considering he can control his functions XD)
- Exhibitionism/Voyeurism (I don't think Chase especially gets off on these himself but if the person he's with wants to watch him or wants to be watched by him he'll do so with enthusiasm because they're into it. Being watched or performing for a third party is okay too! Chase is very relaxed about performing sexually in front of others)
- Dirty Talk/Sexting (Chase has had the idea of text messages with sexually explicit content designed to titivate the other person explained to him, he can do this! ...Though his texting style will probably be as formal as his spoken language, as will the dirty talk)
- The Morning After (Chase is absolutely the type to be making you breakfast in bed, so long as he's been given prior permission to use the kitchen! You may be so overwhelmed by his sweet dedication that you need to give him a kiss, or more 8D)

[ There's a lot of overlap between most all of these kinks, so feel free to specify something that's under an umbrella option as the main event itself, or combine something under one option with another it also fits with! I'm open to most anything :D If it isn't here I either didn't recall it while I was making the list or I'm not into it, and I will tell you politely if you wish to ask :) ]


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